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Workshop of a young ecologist

Ahead of us is the last meeting in the educational cycle edukacyjnego „Warsztaty młodego ekologa”. On Saturday, June 11th, children will learn the secrets of foil and plastic. They will learn why it is worth limiting the consumption of these materials and replacing them with reusable products.

There are three workshop zones waiting for little ecologists. At the first stand, children will be able to decorate eco-bags with acrylic paints. This colorful gadget will prove itself later during summer trips or shopping. At the second stand, the little ones will find out if there is plastic that dissolves in water. Such a material is a hydrophobic film, which includes polyvinyl alcohols. There are also workshops for young ecologists, during which they will make key rings from colorful pieces of foil. Then the material, under the influence of high temperature, will shrink to form a solid lump. Classes are held from 12.00 to 17.00. Free entrance!

We invite you to participate in the workshops!