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Visit Slime factory - free workshops for children

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On February 22nd , we invite you to the next meeting of the "Akademia Małych Odkrywców" series.

Once again, chemistry will visit our shopping gallery. During the second meeting of the cycle entitled " Akademia Małych Odkrywców ", which will take place on February 22nd , the youngest will find that thanks to chemical experiments you can have fun!

On this day, the mini laboratory in the shopping arcade will turn into a popular slime factory. Children will learn everything about the chemical reaction that makes these flexible toys. They will find out what ingredients make slime have a form that allows it to stretch. Meeting participants will be able to learn three ways to create a slime. There will be ones that change color under the influence of temperature, toys with shiny brocade, as well as slimes, which will also include shaving foam and styrofoam balls. All toys can be placed in special containers and then taken home.

Participants of meetings from the "Academy of Small Explorers" series at the Auchan Swadzim Shopping Center will also be able to collect stamps in a special index. For participating in 4 meetings you will be able to get a pencil case, for participating in 6 classes - a small art set, and in 8 meetings - a large art set. Those children who will be present at all 12 meetings will receive the "Little Genius" science kit. Indexes will be available during the Saturday meeting.

Meeting "slime factory" as part of " Akademia Małych Odkrywców " will be held on February 22nd . Classes are held from 12:00 to 17:00. Participation in the class is free.

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