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Restriction of the activities of Shopping Centre stores

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Due to the current restrictions related to limiting the coronavirus epidemic, from March 27th, purchases in our Shopping Centre will be available in selected stores and service points.

These will remain open: grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, press salons, bookstores and pet shops. It will also still be possible to visit optics, banking and laundry services.

A detailed list of open stores can be found in the news on our website and on the Facebook profile.

It is worth remembering that the decision to open a store or service point belongs to the tenant. Before going shopping, we encourage you to make sure the place is open by visiting our Facebook profile or the website of the Shopping Centre or tenant.

For the sake of our safety, remember that:

- Open stores have limits on the number of customers who can shop at the same time. Please pay attention to the information when entering the shops and follow the instructions of the staff.
- Restaurants and cafes in our Shopping Centre serve meals and products exclusively to take away. It is not possible to eat on the spot.
- A mask covering the nose and mouth should be worn on the premises of the Shopping Centre.
- Let's keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters between ourselves.
- When shopping, wear disposable gloves or disinfect your hands regularly. Hand disinfectant dispensers are available in the Shopping Centre.

We wish you all health during this difficult time! add this event to your calendar

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