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During your visit to our Shopping Center, you can make a donation to a selected foundation or organization! It's simple - just a few steps! 

1. Find specially marked piggy banks of good in the passage of our Shopping Center. The devices work on a similar principle to a ticket machine. 

2. On the display of the devices you will find a list of areas, such as family and social assistance, culture and education, ecology and animals, in which there are numerous nationwide and local foundations and social benefit organizations.

3. Click one of the blue boxes, then select the organization you want to support. 

4. Follow the instructions on the display and make a donation using a payment card. In this way, your donation will quickly go to the organization that supports those in need! The list of organizations that can be supported is extensive and includes, among others such foundations as: Mimo wszystko, Wolne miejsce, SOS Wioski dziecięce, Mam marzenie, DKMS, Kolorowy Świat, Edukacja z wartościami, VIVA czy CARITAS Polska. Skarbonka dobra is a project that was created in cooperation with Donateo.

We care about the health and safety of our customers and regularly clean and disinfect the device. We have placed containers with disinfectant liquid at the entrances to the Shopping Center - we encourage you to use them regularly. 

We invite you to participate!
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